Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I'll Be Back On The 20th

Migraines & bad headaches have been seriously kicking my ass these last couple of weeks.
I've been trying to be stubborn & work through the pain but one night got so bad I almost called 911.
And now, I also have some tummy bug to contend with SOOO....
I am going to take a teeny tiny break from the blog to regroup my wits, patience, stamina
and all that good stuff that one needs in huge amounts to run a small indie business!
I'll be back...hmmm...let's say on October 20th.  See you again than.  XO

Friday, October 3, 2014

A View To Appreciate

We enjoy time by the waterside as much as we can...
especially since it'll all be frozen over cold & forbidding before we know it.
We are having our lunches here on weekends.
We bring our dinners here many nights & are usually still munching & chatting away
as the stars peek out & start to twinkle and the crickets seal it all as perfection with their song.
I am a firm believer in 'Growing where your planted'...
Not waiting to grow & take root until you think you've found the perfect place.
I believe that there's always time to slow right down and take in the beauty around us...
Put cellphones down, turn off computers...just be present.
Hold your loved ones hand abit longer...hug harder...breathe deeper...and count all our blessings.
A Lovely Weekend is being wished your way...Be Happy.  See you next week.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sleepy Bunnies & Falling Leaves & Barbie

It's a quiet day today...
perfect for a sweet hot tea, cozy napping bunnies & diving under a warm blanket
to start in on a new book called 'Homeward Bound' by Emily Matchar
whilst bright yellow leaves fall like rain outside of the studio windows.
I think there might just be time to squeeze in a Barbie movie too as we draw later on this afternoon...
Yep, that's right, I am 36 years old, child-free-by-choice and I unashamedly admit to
loving the Barbie movies and in fact this Friday night I plan to watch some Tinkerbell too.
That's right, bring on the super cute, the uber sweet, the girly and the sparkly...
especially on such a cold & rainy week, AH....yes...ha ha.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bell Play

So Teela & I have been playing with some bells.
(and because I am a nice neighbor I took every single chime out so they are completely noiseless!!!)

We arranged the white bells with some driftwood collected from the beach
and slices from an old tropical plant that had long since died & dried out.

However, I am in agreement with my Tee-Tee that whilst we like the new bells & swags,
we no longer like the painted fence boards so next year we're gonna paint that section plain white.

What do you think?
Sometimes a simple crafty project is just what a perfect autumn day calls for.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


My September e-studio-news was mailed out earlier today.
Sweet & short as usual, just enough to give you a quick once monthly round up
of what the buns & I have been up to in the studio & a bit beyond the studio as well I suppose.
If you signed up to receive my e-news
it would just be like the best cup of sweet creamy coffee ever...
or like a big bowl of whipping cream with chunks of marzipan & dark chocolate on top!
It really really would be that wonderful!!
Just email your name & email address to MandySaile@BijousWhimsy.com or sign up here.

Monday, September 29, 2014

I Got Em

Every 3 days for almost a month I was going into a local thrift shop to bid
in a silent auction for these gorgeous lino cut prints.
When I saw them in the window, I gasped out loud & thought they were so so beautiful.
When I look at them I feel happy, at peace & like running to my studio to work...
now that's the kind of artwork I like to have in my home.
Well, just last week, I got the call that my tenacity won out & that they were mine...WOHOO!
I've never bid in an auction like that & must admit it was fun..well it was fun to win, ha ha!
(It's a dream of mine to someday go to a real auction house & witness the action)
Anyhoo, I still have to paint the gold frames white, but I couldn't wait to get them up.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Inklined Studios

My brother Steph & his wife Jennifer just opened up a tattoo studio & esthetics spa.
They put SO much work into it and it looks so so fabulous.
Their grand opening was this past weekend as part of our little cities Gallery Hop.
I felt like a peacock with it's feathers all puffed up all proud like, ha ha...
He draws up his designs in the front window...it's a cool & inviting little spot.
They did a wonderful job of mixing the two halves of what they do, the studio part & spa part of it.

I truly admire my big brothers courage and how he's just 'going for it' & putting himself out there.
They hung a beautiful photo of Torry which most fittingly hangs in a prominent spot...
Jennifer's esthetics room is set up perfectly as is the completely private tattoo room
I think they are going to be a huge success.
"North Bay's Choice Custom Tattoo Studio & Esthetics Spa"
Do check them out & pop in for a visit at www.Inklinedstudiosnorthbay.com
(Congrats you guys)....and WOW.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Framed Ink

I got some of my ink drawings framed up and I am so happy with how they look...

This gives you a sneak peek of part of our new kitchen reno too.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Another Inkling

A newbie just finished up.
Flynnster was the model for this one.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bunnies & Bells

Are you having a good day today?
I am outside with a sore head, a thick blanket, a bunny or two & my bell project.