Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter & A Tiny Break

Happy Easter Everyone.
I hope your all having a wonderfully cozy spring weekend.
Here's a new little inkling I got done whiles outside in the sunshine with a frolicking rabbit.
Well it's the last few chaotic days before I hang my exhibition & than taxes are due!
So to help myself out with the stress load I am going to take a break from blogging...
So I'll see you at the beginning of May with oodles of new images & goodies for my shop.
Have an amazing day and if you can give a bunny a hug XO

Monday, April 14, 2014

Rough & Tough

The days have been feeling long & tiring...
Bringing 3 new rabbits home in the same month has turned everything
topsy turvy for everyone in the house...not that we regret it...
it's just been the stormy part before we re-enter the calm part!
All 8 bunnies have spring fever & they've all been really naughty...
I've lost 3 favorite pillows in the span of 1 quick week, wall chewing is at a high,
Teela & Yuuji are waking us up at 5 or 6 in the morning,
which is a problem since we're both night owls & usually hit the hay around 2 or 3 in the morning!
6 of the buns are shedding like mad & vacuuming the whole house twice a day isn't even enough!
Bonding has been going terribly and well all at the same's such a roller-coaster
and a real test of patience...luckily my honey has way more than I!
2 of the rabbits have allergies & need eye drops administered twice daily.
Headaches have been constant and
some personal disappointments in life have been had and are being worked through!
And there's only a few days left until I hang my 4th solo exhibition, so things are feeling stressful!
Will anyone come out to see my show? Will it be well received? Will I have enough work? etc..
It's been a couple of weeks that's been feeling rough & know those weeks!
Soon it'll all be good and smoothed out again...soon!
How are you doing these days???

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014

Stories, Dreams & In Between

Here's the poster and write up for my upcoming solo exhibition 

Spring is on its way finally!
We’ve been in this deep white freeze for much too long now
and Mandy Saile’s upcoming exhibition “Stories, Dreams & In Between” is the perfect way
to usher in spring with lots of fresh bright colours and an abundance of joyful whimsy.

With this collection of coloured pencil and mixed media works

Mandy will show mostly newer pieces but also a few of her older favorites as well. 
The theme is just as the title suggests, pictures about dreams; ones dreamt of and ones longed for, fantastical stories for a motley crew of quirky characters and a few images where the viewer
can decipher if the story is based in myth or truth or somewhere in between. 
This exhibition opens to the public in Gallery 1 of the W.K.P Kennedy Gallery
on April 26th with a closing reception on May 16th
in conjunction with the Downtown Gallery Hop.
The artist will be present at the closing reception and loves to chat about her work.
Mandy encourages adults to bring their kids, for her images are for adults and children alike. 


Friday, April 4, 2014

Snow Play

How are things warming up in your part of the world?
The buns are enjoying the last of the white stuff though there's still enough of it I suppose!
Some days we can't get these fast and sneaky rabbits out of the snow fort, ha ha!
Have an excellent and happy weekend.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


She's an elegant little bun and her name is Aireadney
She is another little 5 x 7" coloured pencil on a painted wood canvas.
Her lineage is most impressive...
it goes back to Edwardian times where her ancestors were
the first hand-maidens to the sad but stately Mary Stuart, otherwise known as 'Queen of Scots'.
For 26 years, from 1542 to 1567, Aireadney's ancestors dressed the royal monarchy.
They ran the whole show from design, to measuring, to making,
they were trusted to use their indisputable elegant taste to select fabrics from around the globe,
right down to the daily selection of wardrobe and my goodness this in itself was a full time job because we all know the monarchy changes clothes for every event of the day including all 3 meals!
Inspired by her lineage, Aireadney now proudly own her own Edwardian costume empire...
her driving inspiration of course coming from the fashions her ancestors toiled over.
Though Aireadney cleverly designs each piece so that no torturous corsets are needed!
Her biggest clients come worldwide from Stratford/Shakespearean play houses.
and she does on occasion accept custom orders from royal princesses...but only if she likes them!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Coloured Pencil Student Feature

I was recently asked to write an article for Coloured Pencil Student.
I was asked to talk about how we adopted our rabbits from the shelter,
how they inspire me and the artwork that I do
and the editor also asked me to put in abit of an advocacy slant to help educate people,
since so many rabbits are purchased as Easter presents...which we don't want to see.
I mean to talk about my art, my rabbits &
to be able to educate a little on buns...what more can I ask for!
I just received the digital looks great.
 I am beyond pleased & so happy with all the images the editors chose to use.
Click right here if your interested in getting a printed copy or digital version.
I can't wait to get the actual magazine and hold the issue & article in my hands. YAY!
This is a really great thing...So happy.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Not An Easter Present 01

Easter stresses us out & makes us sad.
Apparently over 90% of rabbits purchased as Easter presents
don't even make it past their 1st birthday.
My honey made this poster...
Please help us spread the word...share this post on Twitter, Facebook etc...
Tell people that rabbits are NOT Easter presents. 
Thanks so much.

Monday, March 31, 2014


We went back to that oh so far away place that we respect & appreciate so much...

to pick up our sweetie pie.
He was finally cleared to come home with us and to Jaks.
Everyone meet Emmett...
He came from another shelter in Quebec that was shut down, so he came to the THS very very sick.
He is considered a special needs adoption but we are aware of all that entails
(Frenwyck & Flynn were special need cases as well).
He went through a lot & the good people at the shelter went through a lot to get him well again.
He is a lionhead & 1.7 years old.  He's spent most of his life in the shelter system.
We loved the name Emmett, so we kept it as such.
He's a such a sweetie...abit squittish and nervous but that's okay,
he's come to the right place that understands that buns need time,
he's come to a gentle home full of patience & understanding & we're confident that he'll settle in.

He did really well on the drive home and was cuddled in my arms pretty much the whole time.
My arms felt like they were going to fall off
but apparently I was his comfort spot so I sure as heck wasn't going to let him go, ha ha.
Luckily the drive back home only took the usual 4 hours instead of 7 that it took for Henrie & Elsie.
This little guy is so soft and he smells sooo good...I can't stop smelling him, ha ha.
You know how babies have that sweet baby smell...he has that soft warm wonderful bunny smell.

I absolutely hate having him in a pen...but for now it's a necessity until the two boys are bonded.
They get turns on each side to help battle the whole territorial thing...
So far Jaks is VERY interested in Emmett and Emmett seems like a really laid back little dude.
The very first bonding session in the truck went so well and they were kissing each other abit
within half an hour...but we try not to get too excited and we'll be taking things really slow.
One thing is for Jaks and Emmett take to one another,
we sure are glad this special long-eared love has come home to us...
he's now proudly part of our little sanctuary/warren.
Welcome home Emmett baby...welcome home our new love.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Alot Of Our Time & To Be Clear...

A lot of our evening and weekend time looks like this...
In our Jeep with Frenwyck, Teela and Yuuji trying to bond and forge a fuzzy trio!
They want to be friends, we can tell by certain behavior,
but Frenwyck just isn't 100% sure about how to go about it.  He's really trying though.
We've made progress and some kissing has been going on the last few times, which is a great sign.
We do so in the truck because it's a neutral space,
which is important because rabbits are very territorial.
And the movement of the truck usually takes their minds off attacking one another and instead
they will often seek comfort from one another, which allows them to get used to another bunny moving around them etc and eventually hopefully leads to the epiphany that 'hey I am not being hurt'.

You can't just take rabbits and throw them together and expect that they'll get way!
As cute as rabbits are,
they can be very very vicious towards other rabbits...
so one has to be careful, know what they are doing & move slowly to ensure no one gets hurts.
It's time consuming & doesn't always work out.  You have to be prepared for that.
Some times years will go by and suddenly a rabbit will fall in love with a certain furry
when all others before them were refused.  Rabbits are strange & confounding that way.
We'll be doing this routine with Jaks and his new little buddy really soon,
hopefully it doesn't take long, hopefully it happens, we know Jaks is typically a friendly dude and it sounds like the new buddy we picked out for him is a nice little guy, but you just never know.
(So we indeed do have a back up plan incase the 2 boys don't bond)...ugh!!!

We're pretty confident in knowing when to keep trying and when to give things a break.
Teela and Yuuji took months of trying before they just suddenly decided they loved each other
and now they are thick as thieves and completely adorable...
and unless you've been around a bonded rabbit pair,
well, it's hard to describe just how heart tugging insanely sweet it is.
(And because Easter is around the corner and sadly parents will be buying rabbits as presents)
I must stress that rabbits NEED loads of company,
they are NOT solitary animals...
if you have a bunny who is alone a lot, they will be very unhappy little creatures.
If you don't gently interact with them on a daily basis like I do with mine,
you won't have snuggle buns like you see on this blog.
AND sometimes even with all the love offered up in the world,
they still may never be snuggle buns...some rabbits are just not friendly,
some are grumps, just like people!
We've had a few of those in our time thus far & though disappointing we just have to find
happiness and satisfaction in knowing that we are keeping them warm, safe, healthy and loved.
Also if you cage a bunny & don't allow them time out of the cage to stretch and play
at least 3 or 4 hours a day, you will likely NOT see their wonderful personalities.
Bunnies need to be bunnies...
they need to run & get lots of exercise for healthy gut motility & happy spirits.
The only reason Jonathan and myself are comfortable having so many in our home
is because we both work from home (most of the time), we don't mind mess & destruction!
and we're both real homebodies & just spent a lot of time at home with them.
Life with rabbits isn't for everyone...
I must point this out because I know my blog makes bunnies very tempting for some people.
So help me spread the word. 
Be NOT buy a real rabbit as an Easter present.
(Unless your completely aware of the big commitment they are)
Make sure your advocating Chocolate Easter bunnies & feel free to spread this post around.
Thanks XO